Am 02.02.2019 von Rikke Østergård

Egypt: A hospital for refugees and locals in need

Read the German version Belonging to medical staff at the Alexandria Red Crescent Hospital is not an easy task at the moment. Patient numbers are rising rapidly and conditions are modest. But Naghla Malak, Dahlia Kohl and Said Zahran pursue their work with all their hearts. They appreciate the support they receive from the EU-funded […]

Foto: Portrait eines Rothalbmondhelfers
Am 30.01.2019 von Oana Bara

Gaza: „We can do meaningful work“

Read the German version Salim Aleuma is a health education volunteer for the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) since four years. He is training his community in health related matters and First Aid and assists the most vulnerable in the Gaza Strip.  Challenges for the people „Growing up in Gaza, it is very hard sometimes […]

Foto: Schüler aus dem Gazastreifen sitzen am Tisch
Am 20.01.2019 von Oana Bara

From Theory to Practice: First Aid in the Gaza Strip

Read the German version It’s the third and last training day, when we enter Mohamads First Aid Training at the Haroun Al Rasheed Middle School in Khan Younis. The 38 year old is a paramedic with the Palestinian Red Crescent (PRCS) since 20 years and is one of the people conducting first aid trainings for […]

Foto: Eine syrische Mutter mit ihren zwei Kindern in ihrer Unterkunft im Irak
Am 11.01.2019 von John Engedal Nissen

Syria conflict: assistance in neighbouring countries

Read the German version Rogin Zuber is one of 5.6 million Syrians who have fled to Syria’s neighbouring countries due to the war and, now, often surviving under difficult circumstances. Petra in Lebanon, on the other hand, helps people as a Red Cross volunteer. Both benefit from the MADAD programme, implemented by 15 Red Cross […]

Foto: Zwei JRH-Freiwillige kümmern sich um Patienten
Am 05.12.2018 von Oana Bara

Yemen: Keeping mothers and children healthy in Hajjah

Read the German version After more than three years of relentless conflict, the situation in Yemen remains fragile and unpredictable, with humanitarian conditions, access to humanitarian aid and general security seriously declining. The 45 % of health facilities that are still functional face severe shortages in medicine, equipment and staff. An estimated 14.8 million people […]

Zwei Mädchen im Flüchtlingscamp Kutupalong
Am 03.12.2018 von Dr. Dieter Schütz

Bangladesch: Der große Traum der Flüchtlingskinder

Hütten, nichts als einfache Hütten aus Bambus und Planen so weit das Auge reicht. Mittendrin die beiden Freundinnen Asna (8) und Noor (10). Die beiden Mädchen haben einiges gemeinsam. Beide leben im Kutupalong-Camp bei Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesch, dem größten Flüchtlingslager der Welt. 630.000 Menschen aus der Provinz Rakhine in Myanmar haben dort seit Sommer […]